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Our Approach

A Focus on You

A Focus on You

We focus on providing the help you need to simplify the complexities of managing, growing, and protecting your wealth. A significant part of our approach is listening and asking questions to understand the importance of your passions in life, your hopes and dreams, and your unique challenges and concerns.  With this in mind, we craft solutions that fit your situation perfectly.

While you might reasonably expect us to be interested in your finances, we also want to know about you – your family, your beliefs, your occupation, and your recreational interests.  We strive to be among the first calls you make when you receive big news, whether good or bad. We look forward to becoming your trusted confidant, as the more we know, the more we can help and the greater benefit we can provide.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Chris is centered on the principle that he should enhance everything he touches, no matter how big or small.  Chris’ philosophy is significantly influenced by his involvement in scouting and his achievement of the rank of Eagle Scout.  His scouting experience was centered around living the principles of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. 

These tenets focus on the importance of character, responsibility, integrity, and service to others.  One of Chris’ most memorable teachings was “always leave a campsite in better shape than you found it”.  And he has applied and lived that lesson in adulthood in his personal and professional life.  Today, Chris is still trying to live by those same principles and focuses on instilling these same fundamentals in his children and his team, so they can help make things better for the people and world around us.

Whether it is interacting with his clients, his family, his community, or simply speaking with his grocery store cashier, Chris strives to be a source of positivity, encouragement, and inspiration, and leave every experience better for it.

Our Unique Process

Our Unique Process

We believe a critical step is to take the time to create a personal financial plan, which we will then use as a starting point for making decisions that impact your life. We utilize a time-tested process in building your personal financial plan, beginning with a discovery session to learn more about you, your family, and what you feel is most important. 

Trying to stay up to date on all the specific planning areas – legal documents, insurance, estate matters, investment allocations, tax matters etc. – is not an easy task. So, we are committed to understanding you, your family, and your needs while creating a unique comprehensive financial plan to put you on the path toward achieving those goals.  In this ongoing process, we may even identify goals and desires which you previously didn’t know existed. In this sense, not only do we get to know you, but we help you to know yourself perhaps even better!

During this process, we look to identify opportunities which were previously overlooked, seeking to provide benefit to you and your loved ones. 

Finally, we’ll review your progress toward your goals periodically, considering any changes in your circumstances.  In this way, we’ll ensure that your comprehensive plan remains current and appropriate for you.

Our Planning Process

These are the steps we take to understand our clients so we can help them reach their goals                

Our Services

Our broad range of personalized services can be tailored to our clients’ needs, ambitions, and priorities.